With an average age of 19, TriForce is a Jazz infused band coming out of a vibrant London live music scene. Dominic Canning, Ricco Komolafe and Benjamin Appiah came together after meeting on their first year at Middlesex University and finding common interest in the music of Thundercat, J Dilla, Austin Peralta and Funky Knuckles.

The exciting guitarist, Mansur Brown, completes the band line-up that have already made a name for themselves within London’s alternative jazz community, due in no small part to their raw youthful energy.

In their own words, “The driving force behind TriForce are the values that we take into our everyday lives. Creativity, innovation and empowerment. We aim to empower those in the younger generation to take a lead and think outside of the box. Regarding our music, we wanted to take it somewhere that people haven’t explored before, people have done hip hop, done swing, done RnB, it’s time for it go somewhere else – it’s time for it to be elevated.

The beauty of music today is that everyone is open to ideas, when new styles of music come on the scene people are all ears. It forces people to be creative and think in places they’ve never gone to before, whether that’s through spirituality or going back home to the motherland. Music today is reaching peaks it has never reached before. It’s now the UK’s turn to show what we have to offer.”

Welcome to TriForce 5ive.