Mid-2012, Mark de Clive Lowe got in touch with us and said we really needed to check out this Italian drummer he was playing with, out in Italy. His name was Tommaso Cappellato. We were immediately intrigued, however we certainly were not expecting what we heard.

Eager to know more, we made the connection and were stunned to hear the story of how, whilst living in New York, Tommaso was taken under the wing of the legendary Harry Whitaker. Yes, THAT Harry Whitaker, of ‘Black Renaissance’ fame. 

Tommaso and his sublime outfit Astral Travel, have created a musical work with depth and texture, that takes you on a journey out of this world. COSM’ETHIC is a thoughtfully constructed dedication to the late Harry Whitaker, steeped in the sensibilities of deep spiritual jazz, yet futuristic and fresh in its execution. Suffice to say, we jumped at the chance to put out this album and let you share in Tommaso & Astral Travel’s fine musical tribute.

Tommaso Cappellato (drums) 
Alessia Obino (voice) 
Anna Maria Dalla Valle (flute & alto flute) 
Paolo Corsini (piano, rhodes, moog & oberheim synthetizers) 
Marco Privato (double bass)