So, why is Jazz re:freshed in the business of selling clothes and stuff?

From the day Jazz re:freshed started back in 2003, we knew that our weekly live residency we would never generate enough funds to grow the movement, especially when we gave all of the entrance money to the artists, and still do.

So we had to think of other ways to raise funds.

Given the skills within the team, it made perfect sense to play to our strengths and use our artistic abilities and experience of work with clothing (T-Shirts in particular) and sell merchandise. Given our collective passion for fresh tees and clothing, it was actually a no-brainer.

It all started with one simple design on a T-Shirt and grew from there into what we have today, although it has not been without many trials and many errors to get to this point. In fact, like everything we do in Jazz re:freshed, we consider the shop a work in progress that will falter, evolve, stumble, but ultimately progress and grow.

A love of music and culture is why we exist and the shop is not a replacement or even on a par with that. It is however, an increasingly vital funding stream for this non-profit organisation and another outlet for our creative expression, that enables us to do what we do best, creating spaces and platforms for great music and culture to exist.

So when you purchase an item (or two) from our shop, not only are you getting a fresh piece of kit, you are also supporting us in what we are trying to achieve with Jazz re:freshed.

And in all sincerity, we are extremely grateful for that support.